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Shuga Aromatherapy lockets are a wonderful way to wear your favourite essential oils. Essential oils are have many uses. There are essential oils that when inhaled are good for calming you, making you feel more energetic, to help with winter blues, and many other beneficial uses. Essential oils can also be used with carrier oils such as coconut oil or grape seed oil to massage into the body to help with various ailments and muscle aches, pains and swelling. 
After a lot of research into the various companies that sell esssential oils I decided to use Young Living. Their essential oils are culled from farms that they own in both Canada and other countries. People are able to visit their farms and distilleries at any time and even help plant crops. Being a proud Canadian based company, Shuga Snap likes to support Canadian driven companies. Therefore, I have partnered with an independent consultant Christine Dewberry who is local to my location to support my clients in getting pure, food grade high end essential oils through consultants who understand and know the oils they are selling. If you are interested in purchasing oils from Young Living and learning more about their products and the company itself, please go to the link