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About us

Welcome to Shuga Snap Jewelry

Shuga Snap Jewelry and Accessories are all about interchangeable jewelry and other items that you can change the look of quickly and affordablely in an instant. Snap jewelry is designed so that you only require a few base pieces such as a pair of earrings, necklace, bracelet and ring and then some snaps that are used to change the look of your base piece quickly without having to buy a whole new piece of jewelry. This is the same for all of the accessories we offer such as purses, hats, mittens, flip flops, sunglasses and much more. Snap jewelry and accessories is also perfect for people that travel a lot as you can change your look from business to casual or sparkly evening wear in a snap!

Shuga Snap is now launching other lines of interchangeable jewelry such as crystal jewelry, and coin jewelry, and very soon build a ring or pendant. Check back often for launches of our new lines or sign up for our newsletters to receive information instantly about our new product launches.


Snap Jewelry just got easier!

If you’re already familiar with our unique Snap Jewelry and accessories then you already know they are as easy as 1, 2, 3!

You simply choose your unique piece of jewelry (choosing from bracelets, earrings, chains, or rings); choose your snaps – each snap a unique addition to your outfit or mood, and most importantly making the purchase right from your home!

Really, can it get any easier?

We are all about making life easier, which is why we love our interchangeable snap jewelry. Now you can easily change the look and feel of your day with a single snap! It’s literally, as easy as snapping your fingers! AND it’s like owning a whole jewelry store in one small box.

The only problems with being able to change your jewelry on a whim; sometimes it’s hard to find the right size ring, or doing up the clasp on a bracelet or necklace by yourself can be annoying.

We found a solution that can help solve this issue!


If you find it hard to purchase the right ring size, or if your knuckles swell and you’re afraid our snap jewelry ring won’t fit properly once it passes over your knuckle then we found a solution. It’s called a ring size adjuster and can be found on (View it also has a nifty item to help fasten clasps on bracelets and necklaces all by yourself!

Best of all!

The best part is we can make it even easier by offering our customers a coupon to’s product line. Just head over to their mobile ring sizer order page and use the coupon code123snap” upon checkout and get 15% off your order price.

Voila! Making life easier in a “SNAP”