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Layered Aromatherapy Necklace (4 volcanic bead colour choices)

  • $10.00

This stunning layered necklace has a small ball that hanges just above the feather pendant. The cage opens to reveal a volcanic bead that you can drop your favourite essential oils on. Close the cage back up and enjoy your favourite scent all day. 

There are 4 colour choices of volcanic beads to chose from when you purchase your necklace.


Clean your volcanic bead before you put a different essential oil on it. To do so, remove the volcanic bead from the cage and run it under hot water to take out any residue of essential oils you have put on it. You may use a non scented mild detergent if you so wish. Let your volcanic bead dry again before you drop more oils on it and return it to the cage on your necklace.


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